An Incident Reporting System that
adapts to your workflow

Ready to use with minimal setup, because
critical incidents don't wait for you to be ready!

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Here's how SecureIR will help you

Discipline & Consistency

SecureIR will instill a discipline into the process by defining a procedure based on the incident type and your workflow for each.

You Define the Process

SecureIR will ensure that approval and distribution of Incident Reports is followed because the process is defined by you!


SecureIR will provide enhanced Security and Compliance by ensuring consistency in handling, processing, reporting, & retention.

Real Measurable Benefits

SecureIR will start delivering benefits that you will realize quickly!  Eliminates confusion during critical incidents, and provides consistent workflow.

Handles All Incident Types

Comes Pre-loaded with several Incident Types but you can add more.  There is no limit and you define the approval and distribution workflow for each.

Try it Free for 30 days